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How can we help you? Find the answer to the most frequently asked questions below.

A candidate does not manage to start the test.

Oftentimes this has to do with the candidate using an old web browser. So what web browsers/operating systems do we recommend?

  • We generally recommend to use OS and web browsers versions that are not too old. To be on the safe side, use any of the following:
  • OS: Windows 7 or later version, Mac OS X
  • Web browsers: Internet Explorer 9 or later version, Mozilla Firefox 30 or later version, Google Chrome 40 or later version, Safari 5 or later version
How do I see test session details?

If you wish to check how many items have been completed and how much time was spent on the test session, this is how you do:

  1. Enter your project and search the candidate
  2. Click on the icon at the right end of the candidate name and select “Show details”
  3. Click on the mid-section “Available scores”
  4. Click on the “i”-button (for Information) to view session details such as number of items completed and completion time
  5. Click on Cancel if you do not wish to reset the test
How do I generate an open test link?

In a large selection project where you expect to receive many applications, you might want to invite candidates to a test session via an open URL link. Once published in an ad for example, any candidate can enter the link, register themselves and fill the test.

  1. Create your project
  2. Once created, click on “Edit this project” in the project view
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Generate link”
  4. You can now copy the link and insert it in an e-mail, publish it on a webpage, etc.

Please note that if you wish to block the link to new candidates, if for example you have already made your final candidate selection, you can edit this link. Once renamed, the link will not work for those who received the former link, but it will work for new candidates that receive the edited link.

How do I activate/deactivate online candidate feedback?

An online candidate feedback can be provided to the candidate directly upon completion of the test(s). This is how you turn it on/off:

  1. Enter your project and then click on “Edit this project”
  2. Tick/tick off the box “Feedback on assessment results are automatically provided to the candidates”
What are the differences between Classic and Adaptive Matrigma?

Classic and Adaptive Matrigma share the same item bank, measure the same dimension, with the same accuracy and generate the same reports. What is different then? Mainly three things:

  • The time limit: the Classic version has a fixed number of items (35) and a total time limit of 40 minutes and the respondent can move back and forth between items. The Adaptive version has a total time limit of 12 minutes, as well as a time limit per item of 1 minute, and the candidate can only move forward in the test.
  • The candidate experience: in the Classic version, the 35 items are presented to the respondent according to an increasing level of difficulty, no matter how easy or difficult the items may appear to them. In the Adaptive version, the items are presented according to the respondent’s previous answers; the level of GMA is calculated throughout the test session and thus only items that are relevant to the respondent will be displayed. All redundant items are filtered out and the same result can be achieved in only 12 minutes.
  • The calculation model: the Classic version is based on the Classical Test Theory (CTT) whereas the Adaptive version is based on the Item Response Theory (IRT). If you wish to know more, please contact your local distributor for a technical manual.
I have used Matrigma in another system before. What is new in Ascend?

If you have used Matrigma via another test administrative system, this is what is different in Ascend:

  • The result intervals have been adjusted: low comprises scores between 0 and 2 (formerly 0 and 3), average between 3 and 6 (formerly 4 and 6) and high between 7 and 10 (the same).
  • The global norm group has been updated – if you wish to know more please contact your local distributor for a technical manual
  • You have the option of using the adaptive version of Matrigma (12 min instead of 40 min)
  • More language versions are available (29 languages)
  • You can provide an automatic online feedback to your candidates
  • You can access test session details such as items attempted and time spent
A candidate got a zero score. How is that possible?

Matrigma scores go from 0 to 10. A zero score does not mean that all items were answered incorrectly, it simply means that not enough items were answered correctly in order to obtain a score of 1. Although a zero score is not common it is not an anomaly.

Sample Reports

Matrigma example report englishH300


Interpretive report: English


Interpretive report: English

Candidate report: English


Managerial report: English

Descriptive report: English

Competency report: English


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