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Recuiting systems:


About Aditro

Aditro works to support companies in their HR, Payroll and financial processes to create an optimal flow for a day at work.

We offer innovative and flexible solutions and services, skilled people and process efficiency, liberating our customers to focus on strategic areas of business. Read more


About Prepaird

Prepaird develops a cloud based application aiming to help organizations analyze and manage their talent inventories in real-time. Attacking the problem using a completely new technological approach enables us to find the best candidate for a particular assignment as well as identify the strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s human capital. Read more


About Reachmee

GlobeSoft offers a variety of web-based solutions for recruitment, talent management, as well as tools for employee and customer surveys. Today, we are one of the leading vendors within the Nordic countries, and we owe this success to the close interactions with our customers, who help us evolve and fine-tune our solutions to fully meet their needs. Read more


About Youcruit

YouCruit offers web-based services for both employers looking to hire and job seekers ready for a new challenge. Our services revolve around video communication and are designed for employers and job seekers to get a more rich, and nuanced impression of each other before booking the interview.

We firmly believe there is a need to make hiring exciting and transparent while moving away from drawn-out processes and stacks of paper CVs. We aim to make the recruitment process more engaging and effective for everyone. Read more


About Webcruiter

The WebCruiter product’s thorough understanding of the recruitment process’s requirements for varied process support, has its roots in our first 3 years associated with a professional recruitment environment.

Our language independent web based redcruitment solutions make recruitment easy, while enuring efficiency and quality in the recruitment process. Our solutions are integration-friendly, and are often delivered as an integral part of other administrative solutions. Read more


About Zerolime

Our product has been proven successful when it comes to speeding up the screening process, enabling cost savings, at the same time as building brand value to our clients.
The ability to implement the tool in a fast pace has also proven key to creating internal success and driving high usage.
We are a leading edge company working with our passion for video screening & recruitment solutions. We are building our client base on the success of our conducted implementations and strong references. Read more

Other partners:

Henrysson, Åkerlund & Sjöberg AB |  visit their website